Exercise Mat 183x61x1.5cm


This eco-friendly exercise mat promises durability, flexibility, and versatility. Whether you’re stretching, doing yoga, or working out from home, our workout mat is ideal for all fitness activities. With its NBR rubber material, you receive optimal elasticity and support. It’s also easy to clean, maintain, and is heat-resistant, promising unmatched comfort and convenience. Best of all, this exercise mat is portable and easy to store, making it simple to transport and workout on the go.



Thanks to its pliable material, our workout mat can take almost any shape. You can also roll and unroll the mat with great ease. While applying pressure, you won’t have to worry about damaging the mat. It’s designed to adapt to your movements, making it hassle-free to get in shape. From mild activities to strenuous workouts, the mat’s flexibility allows it to withstand all exercise.

Fast Rebound

If you lose control while working out, this mat will be there to catch you when you fall. It rebounds quickly, so you don’t have to fear that any sudden movement will harm the mat. This perk breathes peace of mind into your workout routine. Since it does rebound fast, this exercise mat is suitable for both light and challenging physical activities.

Non-Slip Grip

Whether you’re assuming a yoga position or stretching your muscles, you can rest assured that you won’t slip while doing so. With its non-slip features, this mat makes you feel secure while working out. In essence, our workout mat ensures that you won’t take an unexpected tumble due to a lack of friction. As a result, you can maintain your balance, prevent injuries, and focus on your workout.


This exercise mat makes for the perfect outdoor companion. With its waterproof capabilities, it doesn’t matter if the weather outside is frightful. It can withstand dewy grass and even rainfall, so if your mat gets wet, don’t fret. Its ability to resist water guarantees longevity and reassurance. Don’t confine your workouts to the indoors. Take your yoga mat to the great outdoors, and you’ll see how well it holds up against water.

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