Aerobic Stepper 78x29x10/15/20cm


If you are looking for a piece of workout equipment that is simple and economical while delivering effective cardiovascular training, an aerobic stepper is a great option. It functions as a single step that can be added to your aerobic or dance workout routine for a more intense, full-body workout. With all of the different choreographies and workout styles that it can be combined with, it will keep your workout fresh and fun. Adding an aerobic step platform to your workout is a simple way to get an extraordinary workout while simultaneously building coordination. And it won’t cost you an arm and a leg like other cardio equipment will. Go ahead, get your groove on, add some height and embrace the sweat. The results will speak for themselves.


Adjustable Height

One of the best features of this aerobic step platform is the ability to adjust the height. This allows you to make your workouts gradually more challenging, which will prevent those dreaded plateaus. Simply start at the lowest level, and when that gets too easy, boost the height up and feel the burn. The change in height will feel like a whole new workout to your body and produce even more satisfying results.

Non-Slip Tpr Surface

Every type of equipment comes with its hazards, and that’s why this aerobic stepper comes equipped with a non-slip TPR surface. TPR is 100% recyclable and is often used on the soles of non-slip shoes to prevent falls even in wet conditions. With this surface on top of the stepper, you won’t need to be distracted by caution and can focus on rocking your workout without slipping. And as a bonus, this aerobic stepper is made out of sturdy solid plastic that is recyclable for the environmentally conscious.

Practical Square Shaped Design

Additionally, the design of this aerobic step platform is in a practical square shape, which makes it completely stable and easy to step on and off of without missing a beat. It’s also perfect for tucking away when you’re not using it, making it much easier to deal with than other bulkier pieces of equipment that can sometimes take up an entire room. And with a weight limit of 200kg, it will work for almost anyone at any fitness stage.

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